This wiki is a bit messy. Here's a list of things that have to be done to make it more refined and engaging.


  1. New character portals wth different orientation and design
  2. Replace bad infobox photos
  3. Redesign header photo
  4. Redesign background to something more simple and High Definition [Seeing pixels makes me sad]
  5. Attempt to rewrite everything
  6. Put everything into portable templates [Clear out messy coding and garbage everywhere]
  7. Start adding all minor characters
  8. Fix wiki navigation
  9. Add achivements
  10. Add manga episodes list
  11. Add manga volumes list
  12. Make portable signs [Instead of copying the code over and over again]
  13. Fix tabber tab borders [Remove the border]
  14. Take out all useless categories
  15. Better HD videos
  16. Add citations for external information
  17. Add twitter widget for the official Super Lovers twitter
  18. Better HOME BROWSE design [More appealing]
  19. Fix grammar
  20. Fix phrasing
  21. Fix spelling
  22. Fix translations
  23. Add more pages
  24. Paraphrase the plot description
  25. Fix indents
  26. Add notifications
  27. Add WANTED PAGES list
  28. Add 2nd Season stuff. 

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