"I'm scared of kind people. That's why, out of all the humans I've met, Haru is definitely, definitely, the scariest." [1]Ren

"It doesn't matter. I don't care if you accept me or not. I just came here to keep my promise with Haru. So, don't think of me as your brother. I just, Haru is all the family I need." [2]Ren

"I know that Haru is nice to me because he himself is very lonely. That man hasn't changed at all." [3]Ren

"In just a single summer, Haru taught me everything. Happy things, sad things, I learned it all from Haru." [4]Ren

"Haru never once told me to smile. Aki and Shima never did either. Because they know. It's extremely painful, to force oneself to smile." [5]Ren

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